eicr certificate

Electrical Certificate EICR

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a proper procedure for documenting the findings of the periodic inspection, on 6 pages for domestic and commercial installations.

The main purpose of an EICR is to report on the safety condition of an actual installation. The last Box on page 1 of an electrical installation condition report will explain the overall condition as either satisfactory, in which case no immediate repairing work is required, or unsatisfactory which means repairing work is required to make the installation safe to use.

Where an EICR explains the installation as unsatisfactory, the next thing to look on page 3 Observations and Recommendations for Actions to be Taken.

This is where any departures from BS 7671 are recorded, codes according to which urgent actions are required are given below:

  • Code 1 (Danger present, Risk of injury, Immediate remedial action required)
  • Code 2  (Potentially dangerous, urgent remedial action required)
  • Code 3 (Improvement required)
  • F1 (Further investigation required without delay)


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Our Company Electrical Engineers obey Part P building requirements and are recognized and standardized by either the NICEIC, NAPIT & STROMA.

Electrical Installation Conditional Report

The price based upon the number of bedrooms in the property

1 Bedroom 


2 Bedrooms


3 Bedrooms


4 Bedrooms


5 Bedrooms

Electrical Installation Conditional Report

The price based upon the number of electrical circuits in the property

1 – 5 Circuits


6 – 10 Circuits


11 – 15 Circuits


16 – 20 Circuits


21 – 25 Circuits


More than 25 Circuits

3 Phase Circuitry 

£20 Per Circuit

If you are not sure about the type and the quantity of the circuits please send us the photo of your fuse-board for an accurate quote

Who needs an EICR Certificate?

There are many reasons why you need an Electrical Installation condition report completed, some of the reasons are listed below:

    • You are a private landlord who wants to make sure that all of your electrics in your property are free from harm and meet British Standards before renting it to tenants.
    • A Landlord who is renting out a property through a Housing Association or Council and they have demanded the report.
    • You are a Homebuyer who has/is purchasing a property and you want to ensure that all electrics in the property are according to the British standards. It is also a routine work for Building surveys to request that the Gas and Electrics are tested.
    • Homeowner who wants to make sure the property electrics are safe and harmless.